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How I see the learning process

My teaching philosophy contains a variety of ideas regarding mentor, learning, educators, students, as well as my discipline. These ideas arise from my very own hands-on experience and also reflection as an instructor and student, from examining theory and research on teaching and learning in both my discipline and higher education in general, from conducting my own scholarship on training and discovering, and from my department development job with other educators.

I am sure learners are ultimately in charge of their studying; while, learning is the result of a complex interaction among many elements connected with the student, the educator, peers and others, the material, and also the circumstance or context. The process of studying (and also training) is socially constructed as "instructors" and "students" develop, connect, and discuss objectives, expertise and also skills together.

Understanding the learning objectives

Placing study at the centre of all that you and also your trainees (as well as their peers, your colleagues, your department, and your organization) do is essential to the best training and study. Thus, we must always begin with an understanding of our study goals and the time we make a choice concerning a teaching-study concern or requirement, we need to ask ourselves "exactly how will it impact trainee learning and advancement? " This need to be the key directing concern for choosing in all subjects and at all levels of the institution.

The requirements to students and teachers

Purposeful teaching and study call for both teachers as well as students to be reflective. Teachers must be experienced, not only about the topics of their subject but also regarding the work on mentor and discovering in their discipline and in general. Any person who signs an agreement to teach comes to be fairly obligated to learn all they could (as well as practice just what they find out) regarding mentor and learning; in other words, to be a scholarly instructor. Good training includes taking risks. Lastly, we need to aid our students to think on their learning.

Simply as good educators are much even more than "excellent" in their class, powerful learning is influenced by as well as occurs outside, as well as within, the classroom. I do rely on the significance of out-of-class learning experiences and "an uninterrupted" study environment including the assimilation of curricular, co-curricular, and also extra-curricular elements to boost trainee learning and also development.

I am sure that procedure and also results of teaching and learning are significantly improved when teachers and students are passionately take part in the topic and the behaviours in and outside the classroom. We can and should do lots of points to improve students' involvement, inherent motivation, inner attributions, as well as self-efficiency for our programs and disciplines.

The components of my philosophy

... Anyway my mentor philosophy has proceeded to progress since that time, I note that my philosophy still indicates the value of these five components: justness, relevance, challenge, entertainment, as well as service.

It is also vital to hear the minds of students about just how they think they discover our discipline.

To additionally live my teaching philosophy, I define behavioural purposes for my trainees in every program. My training courses are study-centred. I use diverse pedagogical methods. I highlight energetic and joint methods. I give students some control and also choice in the theme. I do all that I am able to in order to help trainees experience the enthusiasm for the discipline and the training course, to come to be involved and intrinsically motivated. Me and my trainees both reflect on the training and learning skills. Performing work in the field of the scholarship of teaching and learning is a concern for me. The wish and the abilities to participate in long-lasting discovering is an objective I have, not only for my students yet additionally for myself.

Maths Subjects and Courses Taken

Subjects and Courses Taken

  • Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Specialist Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Mathematics Applications ATAR
  • Mathematics Methods ATAR
  • Mathematics Specialist ATAR

Maths Tutor Stratton

Hi my name is Summer , I live in Stratton, WA . But can also travel to Maida Vale 6057, Brabham 6055, Dianella 6059, Bayswater 6053, Forrestfield 6058, Kiara 6054, Yokine 6060.

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English (Australia)
English (Australia)



I have a variety of hobbies of interest but one of my main ones is nature photography. To me there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than being out in nature and viewing the things that God has created for our enjoyment and happiness. If everyone would take more time to value the basic things He has made that they would find true peace and joy in life, I think that.

I do not think of myself to be a professional photographer by no means, I enjoy improving my photo taking abilities and plan to take a photography class in the near future. Here are just a few examples of my work.

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Comprehending the universe at the most basic level is exactly what I consider remarkable, with Mathematics playing an important duty in this effort along with being the core of scientific research. I also appreciate the numerical problem resolving that comes with these topics, in addition to the big real world applications that are supplied by using them effectively.

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